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IFFCO Nano dap liquid

IFFCO Nano DAP is an efficient source of available nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P2O5) for all the crops and helps in correcting the Nitrogen & Phosphorus deficiencies in standing crops. Nano DAP formulation contains Nitrogen (8.0% N w/v) and Phosphorus (16.0 % P2O5 w/v).Nano DAP (Liquid) has advantage in terms of surface area to volume as its particle size is less than 100 Nanometre (nm). This unique property enables it to enter easily inside the seed surface or through stomata and other plant openings. Nano clusters of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Nano DAP are functionalised with bio-polymers and other excipients. Better spread ability and assimilation of Nano DAP inside the plant system leads to higher seed vigour, more chlorophyll, photosynthetic efficiency, better quality and increase in crop yields. Apart from this, Nano DAP through precision and targeted application fulfils the nutritional requirement of crops without harming the environment. Read More +



Helping farmers by manufacturing affordable fertilizers

Nano DAP (Liquid) is a novel Nano fertiliser notified under FCO (1985), Govt. of India on 2nd March 2023. Nano DAP (Liquid) is indigenous and non subsidised fertiliser. Nutrient use efficiency is more than 90 percent under optimum field conditions.

Benefits from IFFCO Nano DAP

Making Farming Easy and Sustainable
  • Higher Crop Yield
    Higher Crop Yield
  • Increase in Farmer's Income
    Increase in Farmer's Income ​
    Quality Food
  • iffco liquid dap
    Quality Food ​
    iffco liquid dap
  • Chemical Fertilizer Usage
    Reduction in Chemical Fertilizer Usage
    Reduction in Chemical Fertilizer Usage
  • Easy to Store & Transport
    Environment Friendly
    Environment Friendly
  • iffco dap subsidy
    Easy to Store & Transport
    iffco liquid dap
IFFCO Nano Dap Price
The Science behind It

Nano DAP liquid can be applied as seed primer, growth enhancer and yield booster.

iffco dap price
IFFCO Nano DAP is in approved product both national and internationally

IFFCO Nano DAP is in sync with OECD testing guidelines (TGs) and guidelines for Testing of Nano Agri-inputs (NAIPs) and food products by Department of Biotechnology, Government of India. Independently, Nano DAP has been tested and certified with bio- efficacy, biosafety- toxicity and environment suitability by NABL-accredited and GLP certified laboratories. IFFCO nano fertilizers meet all the current national and international guidelines related to nanotechnology or nano scale Agri-inputs. With inclusion of nano- fertilizers such as Nano DAP in schedule VII of FCO 1985, its production has been undertaken by IFFCO so that farmers can ultimately benefit from the boon of nanotechnology. It will be a step in the direction of self-reliance in terms of ‘ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT’ and ‘ATMANIRBHAR KRISHI’ because of nano fertilizers.

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