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About Nano DAP


IFFCO Nano DAP is an efficient source of available nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P2O5) for all the crops and helps in correcting the Nitrogen & Phosphorus deficiencies in standing crops. Nano DAP formulation contains Nitrogen (8.0% N w/v) and Phosphorus (16.0 % P2O5 w/v).Nano DAP (Liquid) has advantage in terms of surface area to volume as its particle size is less than 100 Nanometre (nm). This unique property enables it to enter easily inside the seed surface or through stomata and other plant openings. Nano clusters of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Nano DAP are functionalised with bio-polymers and other excipients. Better spread ability and assimilation of Nano DAP inside the plant system leads to higher seed vigour, more chlorophyll, photosynthetic efficiency, better quality and increase in crop yields. Apart from this, Nano DAP through precision and targeted application fulfils the nutritional requirement of crops without harming the environment.

Method of Application

Apply Nano DAP (Liquid) @ 250 ml - 500 ml per acre per spray. Required water quantity for spray varies with the type of sprayers. General requirement of Nano DAP liquid, sprayer wise is given as below:

Knapsack Sprayers: 2-3 caps (50-75 ml) of Nano DAP liquid per 15-16 liter tank; 8-10 tanks normally cover 1 acre crop area

Boom / Power sprayers: 3-4 caps (75-100 ml) of nano DAP per 20-25 liter tank; 4-6 tanks normally cover 1 acre crop area

Drones: 250 -500 ml quantity of nano DAP liquid per tank of 10-20 liter volume to cover 1 acre area


Nano DAP is non-toxic, safe for the user; safe for flora and fauna but it is recommended to use face mask and gloves while spraying on the crop. Store in a dry place avoiding high temperature. Keep away from the reach of children and pets.

Below are the general instructions

  • Shake the bottle well before use​
  • Use flat fan or cut nozzles for uniform spraying on the foliage.​​​
  • Spray during morning or evening hours avoiding dew.​​
  • It is advised to repeat the spray, if rain occurs within 12 hours of Nano DAP spray.​​
  • Nano DAP (Liquid) can be mixed easily with most of the bio stimulants, other nano fertilisers like Nano Urea, 100% Water Soluble Fertiliser’s and agrochemicals; but it is advised to go for ‘Jar test’ before spraying​​
  • For better result Nano DAP should be used within 2 years from the date of its manufacturing.


dap fertilizer
Brand: IFFCO
Product Volume (per bottle): 500 ml
Total Nitrogen (per bottle):

8% N w/v

Total Phosphorous (per bottle): 16% P2O5 w/v
Price (per bottle): Rs.600
Manufacturer: IFFCO
Country of Origin: India
Sold by: IFFCO eBazar. Ltd.

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